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From CEOs to support staff members, Jamie Homa & Associates provides exceptional search results. We provide superior candidates to meet the specific needs of our clients in a variety of disciplines, including but not limited to:

  • Accounting/Finance/Bookkeeping

  • Human Resources

  • Information Technology

  • Administrative

  • Logistics/Export

  • Warehouse Management

  • Sales

  • Management

  • Manufacturing

We understand that the key to our success in recruiting is the relationships we build with both our clients and candidates.


Our search process and extensive market knowledge allow us to deliver superior search results. We are experts at every facet of the hiring process from original research and recruiting, to conducting interviews, assessing talent and checking references. We don’t do “on the surface recruiting”, we dig deeper!We are good listeners! We partner with our clients to define organizational structure, corporate culture, value proposition, and other factors. This allows us to quickly identify talent and meet their needs. Our clients never waste time interviewing “B” candidates for their open positions!We are committed to operating with personal and professional integrity, producing exceptional results while maintaining confidentiality. We also recognize the importance of trust. We never “re-recruit” a candidate from our active clients, nor recruit any of their current employees for positions in the marketplace.Our vision and goals are not only immediate (to fill your current recruiting needs), but long term. We want our clients to be highly satisfied so that, in turn, our firm is the one they will turn to first, every time they have a need for adding to their staff.


We charge a flat fee of 20% of the Candidate’s first year’s salary and offer a 90-day replacement guarantee. We stand behind each and every candidate we place.

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